Hospital School Pretoria


Learners may be admitted to this section of the school after a pregnancy has been confirmed and may remain enrolled up to the end of the year in which the baby is born.

Learners who complete and pass Grade 11 at the school after their babies have been born, will be allowed to register for one more year in order to complete their Grade 12 year at the school.

Sometimes learners who are unable to follow an ordinary school programme as a result of a serious medical condition, are admitted to this section on recommendation of a medical practitioner.

The following documents must be handed in by all learners at admission:

-  Medical certificate / Clinic card confirming the pregnancy or other medical condition
-  Copy of learner’s identity document (or birth certificate)
-  Transfer card
-  Last school report
-  Copy of identity documents of TWO possible individuals that parents might delegate to collect learner 
    from  school
-  Copy of identity document of person RESPONSIBLE for school fees

Admission forms must be completed in black ink and in block letters.

All forms/letters of consent signed by parents/guardians must be completed in black ink and returned to the school immediately.


School Fund:    
R700,00 per month (or part of a month, for 11 months) to be paid in advance (before 7th of month) to the Deputy Principal. Learners taking Consumer Studies or Computer Applications Technology pay and additional R50 per month per subject.

Textbook Deposit: R600.00 per year - to be paid in advance to the Deputy Principal.     
School shirt: Obtainable at the school. R110



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