Hospital School Pretoria/Hospitaalskool Pretoria



Our mission is to provide quality educational opportunities for hospitalized learners,  and to provide the necessary resources to maintain high educational standards.  

We commit ourselves to:

-         Provde a well-managed school with a friendly and healthy learning environment.

-         Empower learners by developing attitudes and values so that they have self-respect, respect

 for other people and the environment and are able to make wise, healthy choices in future.

-         Develop skills and competencies which will enable learners to participate in economic, political

 and social life.

-         Develop the facilities offered by the school.


-         Implement the curriculum.


-     Develop staff skills.



 Learners and staff should act within the following value system:

-       Be of a caring nature

-       Unconditionally accept one another

-       Respect self, peers, educators and the environment

-       Be honest and have integrity

-       Practise indivdual responsibility and accountability

-       Be diligent

-       Have a positive attitude

-       Be punctual

-       Exercise team spirit


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