Hospital School Pretoria



Our mission is to provide quality educational opportunities for the physically and mentally ill, as well

as pregnant learners and to provide the necessary resources to maintain high educational

standards.  In order to realise our mission we commit ourselves to:

·         Provide a well-managed school with a friendly and healthy learning environment.

·         Empower learners by developing attitudes and values so that they have self-respect, respect

for other people and the environment and are able to make wise, healthy choices in future.

·         Develop skills and competencies which will enable learners to participate in economic, political

and social life.

·         Develop the facilities offered by the school.


·         Implement the curriculum.


 ·        Develop staff skills.



·         The foundation of our value system is the Word of God.


·         We accommodate other beliefs, cultures and value systems.


·         Learners and staff should act within the following value system:


-       Be of a caring nature

-       Unconditionally accept one another

-       Respect self, peers, educators and the environment

-       Be honest and have integrity

-       Practise individual responsibility and accountability

-       Be diligent

-       Have a positive attitude

-       Be punctual

-       Exercise team spirit


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